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A New Home!

A New Home!

2012...my very first venture to a cafe, we did not have much money but we made the best of it. We literally started with 10 cakes and 3 sandwiches and 1 pasta. we a had a tiny interior and kitchen and we shared the outside space with the gallery. We did well there despite the heat and the tiny fans.

We shut operations Last year in July and it took time to find a new space. I was still gutted over losing the park space. We were there for over 8 years..literally from nothing, sharing space with an art gallery and finally taking the space over from the art gallery. We had so much fun baking and cooking there, many friendshipswere forged, marriages witness and children fed.

I will never forget those days, it sure wasn't easy but it was all great, heartaches included. Fast forward 2020, I followed through with the most important decision of my life and Covid lock down struck 3 weeks later. We were forced to close for 2 months and by July my lease at Fort Canning was over, came October, my agent finally found a space which was not a shop house or was in a mall. It wasn't in the  park either, but it has plenty of parking and attached to an arts space. December we started building and by 12 Jan 2021 we opened.

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