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Fabulous Mangoes!

Fabulous Mangoes!

Halloo there,
As promised we have have a few updates in the first quarter which we will share with you guys in stages. For years now you guys have asked for a fruity fresh cream cake and we have been busy for you.
Namaste, Salam, Peace!
A tribute to one of Asia's Film Greats :-
P. Ramlee (22 March 1929 to 29 May 1973)
A series of 3 cakes are in the works and here is the first one.
"Laksmana Do Re Mi (1972)" It is affectionally called. This film is a favourite in Malay Cinema with the young and old, throughout generations.
"Laksmana Do Re Mi" is made with the classic genoise, filled with mascarpone cream and morsels of sticky rice, cooked with coconut milk and sea salt. It is then covered with a mango mascaporne frosting and toped with mango cubes.
To enjoy this mango onslaught, we recommend the Mango Tango - a vanilla and mango puree frappe.
Try our new frappes created for you. Dine in or to go.
Covid ? Just Fudge it!
Set meals are available on working days except Mondays.
Operational Hours due to Covid Restrictions
Mon - Closed
Tuesday - 11:00 am to 6:30 pm
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