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Choose from any of the 4 flavours and pack 3 in a box.

THE OL SKOOL : BANNOFEE TART Tart crust filled with burnt caramel caramelised bananas, Valrhona chocolate Ganache and topped with fresh whipped cream

THE ADDICT : CHOCOLATE AND CRUNCHY PRALINE Tart crust filled with Valrhona hazelnut crunchy praline and Valrhona dark chocolate ganache, and topped with a salted chocolate crumb. 

THE MAESTRO : FRANGIPANE & PEAR  Tart crust filled with frangipane and slice pear and baked to perfection 

THE TEASE : LEMON EMULSION & SWISS MERINGUE  Tart crust filled with lemon emulsion and topped with Swiss Meringue. Torched.