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100% Halal! *Free Deliv & Disc Pick Ups for Whole Cakes! Free delivery for food orders > $80.00



Choose from any of the 3 flavours and pack 3 in a box.

Sambal Goreng Pie / Petrina's Pies : A dry curry of fresh SEA herbs and Indian Spices, a light touch of coconut  milk and tamarind. Tempeh and press soy cake and beef brisket are cooked till tender and filled into a pie.

Brisket Rendang : A classic Malaysian curry made with SEA herbs and Indian Spices. Flavoured with Palm Sugar, Coconut Milk, Tamarind, Lime leaves and kerisik. Cooked for ourselves till beef brisket is tender.

 Ayam Masak Merah: An elusive tomato chicken base curry, cooked with ground almonds and SEA Herbs. Cardamon Pods, Star Anise and Cinnamon sticks. Unforgetable.